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This is the most Historical in context and precedence event in the American Justice System. A Woman, but a black woman, and you hear, "God Forbid". But if a Black Supreme Court Justice married to a White Woman who engages in alleged participation in the attack on January 6th, 2021, on the White House, and that is one of the most horrific homeland terrorist attacks in our entire History. You have no outcry, no outrage, and no objection. In Fact, it is never referred to as a Terrorist Attack by the "Republican Party" at all. But the Republican's attack on Ketanji Brown Jackson during her Nomination Hearings is downright nasty. Totally acceptable by at least 30% of Americans. America really needs a "Heart Check".

Lyndsey Graham outdid his usually obnoxious self. Seemed as though he doubled his vicious venom for the possible 1st Black Woman Supreme Court Justice. Saying that he was being easier on her than we were on Judge Kavanaugh. When it came from his mouth, he knew it was a lie and the truth was not in it.



Alzheimer's is a condition that is not cured can be delayed.  Did you know that there are Holistic Ways to slash the Risk of Alzheimer's? 

  • Maintain your dental health.
  • Sit in the Sun.
  • Drink Coffee. (Studies have found that two to five cups a day during middle age lower the risk by as much as 69%)
  • Eat a Salad.
  • Meditate.
  • Switch to Olive Oil.
  • Stand don't Sit.
  • Use an Air Purifier. 
  • Learn Something New every day.

          AFRICANAMERICANCOMMUNITIESAND CLIMATE CHANGE (Continued Next Page) For the African American Communities and Climate Change Climate change we are in the eye of the storm.  whether it's a virus, earthquake, or flood.  It is causing more frequent and severe weather events, including heavy rainfall, dangerous storms, droughts and heat waves, the spread of infectious diseases, which interfere with our food sources and straining vital infrastructure like bridges and sewage systems.

Our failure to act will result in irreversible impacts and will only get worse. Climate change disproportionately impacts African American communities and although Climate change impacts all Americans, it especially hits African Americans and other communities of color harder. African American communities are more vulnerable to severe weather and floods. More than half of African Americans in the United States live in the South, an area that is and will continue to see stronger hurricanes and increased flooding from climate change. Many communities adjacent to

power plants, petrochemical plants factories and other sources of pollution are usually African American or other people of color communities. 



We know there is no rest for the wicked. It's a pretty wicked time in history.  I am heartbroken that we cannot or will not find a place of peace.  A friend and Sister once told me, "Sometimes you must make war to have peace". It was a revelation when I realized as a Black American, I wake up at War.  War with myself and fighting down the anger trying to force it to accept what I alone cannot change.  But in my heart and spirit is the battle cry of the warrior and I will not cease until the Battle and War is Won.  I don't know about you but I see the error of America, don't you?  Your feedback would help me to feel less alone and isolated even with this Pandemic there is something we can do together.

What is Freedom?

Is Freedom as blind as Justice in America? In my opinion it seems to be. Americans see unarmed men, women, and young children shot to death on Camera and still do not hold Officers, in some cases, even Angry White People Accountable. Are we Blind or just don't want to know? Maybe even in Denial that Black Americans are even human. A small number of Americans are awake, some are just in shock, and others feel powerless in the face of powerful suppressors. It is possible they don't own a TV or they own a TV and or even watch TV if they do. Then you have those who feel if they ignore Black Americans pain, maybe, just maybe it will go away. Somewhere deep in your heart and conscious you know we have got to do something to make it go away and stay away. We must take such strong action it stays away and someone like Trump can never resurrect it. 

  • ​What can we do? Those who are awake wake up others. In order to do that you might have to do something you have never done. 
  • We must Minister to Politically so the behavior they see does not propel them in the direction of shock but indignant. Propel them to take action. Because we all know action speaks louder than lip-service. 
  • Some simply must take action afraid and speak truth to power.  Yell and scream, protest, and most of all VOTE for those not by Party but by character.
  • If you can't see what I am saying because you have a TV but selectively watch what you want to see that enables you to convince yourself that it's all some kind of mistake. All that can be said to you is Freedom like Justice is Blind.
  • Those of you who choose to ignore what you know to be wrong, one day you will reap what you have sown. 
You are your brother's and Sister's keeper, right? Or are Black Americans and Brown Americans inhuman in your sight? As for me the most Race where I run and belong, "is the HUMAN RACE."


Recent hurricanes have shown that many of these facilities are ill equipped to deal with flooding from increasingly stronger storms, often leading to releases of air and water pollution. For example, after Hurricane Harvey, independent monitors found petrochemical plants released cancer-causing benzene at rates six times higher than safe levels. Neighborhoods near Superfund sites, which have also seen flooding from recent storms, are also more likely to be African American. Historic segregation has resulted in African Americans living in less desirable low-lying and flood prone areas in many cities throughout the United States.

The consequences of this history were made it terrifyingly clear during 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, when many of New Orleans’ African American residents were forced to leave their homes, including the almost one third who never returned. Even worse, more than half of those who perished after hurricane Katrina were African American. A recent study found that African Americans breathe in 56% more particulate matter than they produce from their consumption. Polluted air is especially harmful for African Americans who have conditions which make it hard to breathe, such as asthma. African Americans with asthma have an almost 3 times higher chance of going to the hospital or dying from an asthma attack than whites.

Climate change is already increasing the frequency of heat waves, a trend that is projected to increase as greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. Counties with large African American populations are already exposed to extreme temperatures 2-3 more days per year than those counties with smaller African American populations, and by midcentury, these counties are projected to experience about 20 more extreme heat days per year. This is especially troubling as a study in California found that during heat waves, African Americans are twice as likely to die compared to other groups. This is due to a variety of factors including a higher likelihood of living in urban heat islands with nearly no tree cover and more heat-trapping pavement, and a lower prevalence of central air conditioning. Doctors recognize harmful impacts of climate change in African American patients A national survey found that 86% of African American doctors believe that climate change is an important issue to address with their patients.

Among those who serve in African American communities, the majority said they have seen the harms of climate change in their own patients. The most common health effects reported were injuries from severe storms, floods, and wildfires; worsening chronic diseases due to air pollution and hotter temperatures; and an increase in allergies, due to mold and other exposures. The many benefits of climate action Despite the tremendous risk climate change presents, if action is taken now, there are opportunities to create more prosperous futures for all Americans, including African Americans.



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Black and White

Is it really Black and White? You don't say. It is "White Privilege" for sure in our Employment, Health, Justice System, Prison System, Court System, just to name a few.  "Black Power remains in the "Voter's Box" and forces that be are suppressing it at every avenue you turn.  We must again not be great but "INDIVISIBLE".


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We are on the path to the destruction of our Environment, Humanity, Democracy, Justice System, and every System of Government is heading for a large crash. "We the People" must take a Stand.  Not a Party but for Democracy.  We have to ask ourselves what road we want to be on the narrow or wide? Wide leads to destruction and Narrow is the Road to reformed Democracy without this deadlock we been seeing in Washington.  Trump destroyed every established System within Democracy and he did it from the inside out.  We must also Restore it from the Top to the Bottom.  

Our Local Elections from the Sanitation Department to the State House could use a lot of cleaning up. 

If you have any trouble voting please contact the following offices:

Secretary of State
Elections Division
P.O. Box 12060
Austin, Texas 78711-2060
512.463.5650 or 1.800.252.VOTE (8683)
Fax 512.475.2811, TTY 7.1.1

County Election Officials
For a list of county election officials, see the Secretary of State’s website

Disability Rights Texas
Voting Rights Project for Voters with Disabilities
2222 West Braker Lane
Austin, TX 78758
1-888-796-VOTE (8683) (V/TTY)
Fax: 512-323-0902

Coalition of Texans with Disabilities
1716 San Antonio Street
Austin, Texas 78701
Phone: (512) 478-3366
Fax: (512) 478-3370

If you need any further information please go to:

Our Voice must be heard from Sea to Shining Sea...Let Democracy once again Ring in Washington.


We are between a "Rock and a Hard" place at this time in History.  The Republican Stronghold appears to be unbeatable, but know this, "We the People" are an insurmountable force on our own.  We must fight harder than we have ever fought.  Black Americans do you want to live? If you do make your voices heard from sea to shining sea. Vote because the generations to come will not exist if you don't.


This Target our backs that provides two options in the hands of every white American that is sending us to the Graveyard or Prison must be annihilated once and for all or even though we are not in a Whites Only America it will be like we are dying and being incarcerated in one. 
We must demand justice, equality, humanity, our environment, health and as women in every way a part of the Human Race.  What are you going to do about it? As for me I am not going down without fighting by "Any Means Necessary.



We need to Vote now more than any Other Time in the History of Democracy. Black Americans disproportionately killed by police. That's why every Black American should show up and vote. Because your life and Democracy depend on it.

According to an analysis by Mapping Police Violence, despite only making up 13 percent of the US population, Black Americans are nearly three times as likely as white Americans to be killed by the police. The group also found that “levels of violent crime in US cities do not determine rates of police violence”. A further analysis performed by found that Black people were more likely to be killed by police (27 percent), more likely to be unarmed (35 percent) and less likely to be threatening someone when killed (36 percent). BlacklivesMatter NBTX truly empathizes and agrees with the following Article by Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Team Department of Corrections.

In Comal County the Scales have been shifted unfavorably. So we must not for the sake of Democracy become a Republic (Republic of China). We must vote for Democracy not Party. If we don't parties will no longer exist.

We are Human it's time to get up and stand up for our rights.



MEETING AT 7:00-9:00

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These include:
●Healthier communities: With the right policies in place, a cleaner future will mean both avoiding the worst impacts of a changing climate such as strongest storms, heatwaves, and drought, and also cleaner air in local communities, increasing the overall health and quality
of life of African American children and families.

●A stronger American economy: The U.S. economy can save $930 billion by 2100 just through the lives saved from climate mitigation, according to a 2015 EPA report. The report also found the economy would save tens of billions of additional dollars annually by 2100 with climate action, in power savings, avoided labor losses and damages and other avoided impacts.

●Good jobs: Moving toward a clean future will create new opportunities for job growth, as investments increase to modernize and clean up all sectors of our economy.

●Improved national defense: Many security experts count climate change as a national security threat. Tackling climate change head on makes our country more secure and better able to keep our population protected. What can you do today? Join your Local Indivisible Group.


●Fight for a clean and just recovery. As we move to repair our COVID-battered economy, we have a chance to make it better and more just than it was before. We need to urge our leaders to rebuild better by investing in American clean energy to create more jobs and less pollution.

Investing in clean energy will mean cleaner air for more of our communities and help families recover— especially if we focus these investments in communities of color that suffer disproportionately from chronic air pollution. And because we know that coronavirus is deadlier for people with conditions caused by air pollution—such as heart and lung disease—that’s more important now than ever.

●Register to vote: Voting is our civic duty – it’s our chance to weigh in on important issues and make our voice heard at the polls. Voting allows us to have a say in the future we leave to our children. We need all our public officials to make a real and sustained commitment to fighting climate change like our lives depend on it—because they do.

We cannot accept anything less from those in power. If public officials don’t make climate and the health of our communities a top priority, then it’s our job to hold them accountable.